Ready to put your event or location in an unseen perspective.


Yes! I want drone footage! Now what?


Timing is everything: the new Royal Decree (RD) says that every application for a drone flight for Class 1a (high risk) or notification for Class 1b (medium risk) needs to be filed at least 10 days before flight.  Changes to an application in Class 1a also need a period of 10 days, for Class 1b that's a 5 day period. So keep that in mind when planning your droneshots (in this system, last-minutes are not possible!). Every flight that is not reported in time with the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) are illegal.



For the moment being, every (European) country has it's own drone laws. We'd love to go abroad for you, but first we need to check the local laws. 


What's (not) possible?

Every assignment is different, and a lot is possible. That's why it's better to have a short meeting to see and understand what you exactly want.

01. LIVE

Live aerial images in a professional broadcast enverionment

(Security) Checks of hard to reach places. (Rooftops, gutters, towers, (wind) mills,...)


Recordings up to 4K (Ultra HD)

Slow Motion

Indoor flights (hangars, storage facilities, offices,...)

This is possible for all kinds of productions (corporate, fiction, events,...)

03. FOTO

Professional pictures in high quality of your building, vehicle fleet, farmland, event,... .

Burst pictures: ideal for sport, action,...

Time Lapse: an unseen perspective to show the conduct of your event, building project,... 

04. Productie

We love to get the best out of your project. We can arrange everything: paperwork, booking gear, (camera) crew, editors,... We take care of it!

Even without a drone, we know what to do: additional images or a full project with a "regular" camera are absolutely possible. 


“Safety is our main concern.”

Steven Dhaeyere  |  Pilot



“BeUAS - The Belgian Federation for Unmanned Aviation is representing the interests of all Belgian companies in the unmanned aviation sector since 2012."

The membership of BeUAS indicates that the company has signed the following charter:

1. SAFETY is ALWAYS priority
2. I don't fly without permission when a permission is necessary
3. I respect the privacy of others
4. I never lose line of sight with my drone
5. I don't fly over people without permission
6. I always fly on an altitude that corresponds with my mission and class
7. I never use my drone during night time
8. I always cooperate with BCAA and police
9. I respect my ops manual, if applicable. I know my limitations and adjust my flight accordingly
10. When an incident occures before, during or after my flight I report it to BeUAS